One of the most recognisable brands in the world, Ferrari symbolises a passion for victory, a passion for excellence, a passion for teamwork, a passion for beauty and a passion for performance.

SAS & Company started working with the brand in June 2011. Our aim was and still is to build the existing lines within the Ferrari fragrance portfolio, following the launch of the most recent fragrance Man in Red

Ferrari Essence Collection Eau de Toilette For Him and Her

The arrival of three sophisticated new Eau de Toilettes: Noble Fig, Bright Neroli and Pure Lavender, heralds the beginning of a brand new chapter in the story of the prestigious Ferrari Essence Collection. Each scent is a fresh and joyful interpretation of the Ferrari Essence signature and an ode to a single exceptional ingredient. In true Ferrari Gran Turismo spirit, all have been designed with the same passion for perfection, attention to detail and use of handpicked premium ingredients.


Noble Fig

Enveloping sensuality with its refreshing resinous sap, crisp green leaves, bitter stems and milky flesh, the fig evokes images of sitting under the cool shade of a fig tree somewhere in the sunbaked Mediterranean and biting into the juicy flesh of this fruit. This sophisticated citrus, green, woody scent opens like a fresh breeze, with the bright and crunchy note of fig leaf, whose earthy tones are uplifted by hints of spicy pink peppercorn and mandarin. Heart notes of clary sage and orris play on the duality of freshness and warmth, while sensual notes of musk and patchouli create a memorable signature.


Bright Neroli

Lively elegance Orange blossom has long been a symbol of purity and innocence. When steam-distilled, the flower transforms into a beautiful aromatic scent in the form of Neroli essence and when extracted to produce orange blossom absolute, it reveals the flower’s deeper and sweeter facets. Zesty top notes of petit grain citronnier, Calabrian lemon and the great bitterness of the Bigarrade orange open this citrus, woody, aromatic composition with a surge of sophisticated freshness. These bright lively notes give way to a radiant heart of orange flower absolute and charismatic Neroli essence, which reveals its spicy facets under the influence of rosemary and Sichuan pepper. At the base, vetiver, patchouli and ambroxide bring an ambery elegance to the composition.


Pure Lavender

Contemporary freshness Naturally growing at a high altitude, lavender produces a timeless,unique floral scent which is often associated with authenticity and tradition. While the refreshing essence of lavander lends a surge of energy, the woody facets of lavender absolute give it a distinctive character and a touch of sensuality. This modern and sophisticated citrus, aromatic, woody scent opens with the incisive and sparkling notes of bergamot, lemon sfuma (juicy, pulpy, slightly sweet) and cardamom essence. While at its heart, a refined blend of invigorating sage absolute and aromatic lavandin gives the whole composition an extremely elegant character. Base notes of addictive vanilla, mysterious patchouli and warm cashmere wood add intensity, depth and masculinity creating a unique signature.

Available from Harrods and RRP £65.00/€65.00






The Ferrari Essence Collection

The Ferrari Essence Collection is the purest, most prestigious and elegant recreation of the spirit of the Ferrari brand. The embodiment of a certain lifestyle, this luxurious fragrance collection encapsulates the passion for excellence expressed through uncompromising attention to detail and selection of the finest materials.

Limited Edition Ferrari Amber Essence 

Amber Essence is a bold and refined interpretation of the rich amber accord and is the perfect embodiment of sophistication and masculine elegance. This special edition, with just 1,800 produced worldwide, comes in an exquisite bottle presented in a light brown, handcrafted leather sleeve inspired by Ferrari's car interiors. Lights, refreshing top notes of calabrian bergamot, coriander seed and exquisite frankincense serve as the prelude. The rich, textured heart note of Cashmeran underpinned by cedar and over stitched with a touch of spicy nutmeg is as warm and enveloping as a Ferrari interior. For the finale, the top note features the finest amber, sparkling like a precious gem set against complementary musk and patchouli, to create a refined, sensual accord.

Its appealing cognac colour and warm, bold fragrance trail perfectly echo the fine leather sleeve and case of this special deluxe edition, the newest, most exclusive addition to the timeless Ferrari Essence Collection.

Available exclusively at Harrods and RRP £170.00


Ferrari Leather Essence - A tribute to the Refined Leather Interiors of the GT Car

Ferrari Leather Essence is the newest addition the Ferrari Essence Collection. An aromatic and oriental scent, evoking the spirit of the Ferrari Gran Turismo leather interiors, Leather Essence is a dark and mysterious fragrance with its roots in a raw leather note sublimated by shining black steel accord.  Top notes of aromatic accents and spicy tones; with a heart of patchouli and cinnamon, wrapped in a base of oud woodiness and mellow tonka beans. 

Wrapped in luxurious brown leather, the bottle features the signature Ferrari bright silver prancing horse; every single detail of the Leather Essence fragrance pays tribute to the refined leather interiors of a Ferrari GT car. Strongly influenced by the aesthetic lines of a Ferrari; referencing the classic shape of a perfumery flacon and the styling lines from the design of the cars, from the stitching effect on the box to the leather cap on the bottle, all mirroring the style and attention to detail expected within the Ferrari Essence Collection.



Ferrari Essence Oud - Combining Luxury, Power and Masculine Elegance

Ferrari Essence Oud, combines ‘luxury, power and masculine elegance’ with a heart note of Oud resin, so rare that it is said to be more valuable than gold.

Around the heart note of Oud resin, with its dark, forceful, aphrodisiac notes, there are lighter spice tones from olibanum and cumin, which bring out the typically masculine power of Ferrari Essence Oud. This blend of strength and serenity is introduced by the unusual accents of an opulent rose, accompanied by exotic saffron and elemi. The deep vibrant base notes of Oud resonate with sexy animal echoes enriched by ciste labdanum and leather, creating a mystical and voluptuous wake in the best traditions of the legendary perfumes of Arabia. 


Ferrari Silver Essence - A Daring and Distinctive Fragrance

In the slipstream of the international success of Ferrari Essence Oud, came the second fragrance in the collection: Ferrari Silver Essence. Just as Ferrari Essence Oud referenced the brand’s symbolic red, Ferrari Silver Essence is inspired by the brilliant chromes that accentuate its sleek bodywork.

In the spirit of the Ferrari Essence Collection, the ingredients of Ferrari Silver Essence were selected to reflect the sophisticated brilliance of the chrome design. The result is a daring and distinctive woody-spicy-oriental masterpiece.

Silver birch’s warm, spicy, leathery character is the signature of many masculine classics created in the early 20th century. Silver Sage has been used to bring a fresh and energetic, aromatic touch to masculine Colognes for decades. However, the association of both has created a unique explosive combination, underlined with grey pepper and cinnamon. A compelling combination of frankincense and mineral musk resonates with the elegance of Atlas cedar and gaiac wood, creating an irresistible trail of seduction.


Ferrari Essence Musk - The Dazzling Purity of Gran Turismo Lights

The Ferrari Essence Collection now introduces Ferrari Essence Musk; the immaculate white bottle, the bright silver prancing horse, the pure fragrance - every single detail of this new collection fragrance pays tribute to the clarity and brightness of Ferrari GT headlights.

The fragrance immediately expresses its class and unique style; Citrus, Aquatic, Musky… each of the harmonies in the new Ferrari Essence Musk pivots around a central white note, dominated with white musks.

At the start white grapefruit is the focus of a natural watery note, pointed up by transparent touches of marine bergamot and mandarin leaves. The heart of the fragrance spreads out around cool white mint, punctuated by refreshing accents of watermelon, lavender and nutmeg. The base notes are a powerful harmony in which the sensuality of white musk envelops the woody warmth of amber and Bourbon vetiver.


Ferrari Cedar Essence - Luxury, Power and Sophisticated Elegance

Presented in the emblematic Ferrari Essence Collection bottle, Cedar Essence is finished in a subtly pearlised blue lacquer and embellished with Ferrari’s symbolic silver Prancing Horse logo. The blue lacquered cap is wrapped with luxurious grey leather and embossed with the iconic Cavallino emblem. The sophisticated, understated design of the blue and silver box features the signature overstitching in matching colours - recalling the beautifully finished leather interiors of GT cars.

Ferrari Cedar Essence is a vibrantly fresh scent with roots on a lingering woody base of Cedar of Lebanon, the evergreen tree that has long been a symbol of immortality and spiritual strength. Together in the dry down are warm notes of Amber, Indonesian Patchouli and a refined hint of Coffee Bean. At the heart, Cedar Essence reveals warm notes of Blue Cedar Leaves, complemented by the soft caress of Lavender, Spicy Cardamom and Lush Watermelon. A contrasting note of Bracing Blue Ocean Spray is reminiscent of the tingling thrill of freedom when driving on the open road. The top of the fragrance comes the citrus family; fine Calabrian Bergamot Oil, Orange, Lime and Grapefruit with Ginger and Peppermint to offer invigorating yet spicy facets at the opening. The result is a refreshing spicy surge that awakens the senses.


Ferrari Vetiver Essence - Supremely Modern and Sensual

The newest addition to the luxury Ferrari ‘Essence Collection’, Vetiver Essence combines sparkling top notes of petitgrain, grapefruit and red pepper berries. Its heart of vetiver give a charismatic, timeless yet resolutely modern character to make it of one of the most iconic ingredients in masculine perfumery. Vetiver’s woody, aromatic inflections are illuminated by a surge of bright Italian citrus and warm cardamom, wrapped in refined orris (one of the most expensive and valuable natural ingredients in perfumery) and dark notes of coffee bean, which complement the earthy depth of Vetiver. This addictive composition is rounded out by sensual undertones of hazelwood and tonka bean with lingering Base notes of patchouli and cedarwood.

Vetiver Essence is presented in the distinctive Essence bottle, a tribute to the legendary Grigio Silverstone with its dark metal-grey lacquer finish embellished with the emblematic Prancing Horse logo in silver serigraphy. The bottle is finished with a silver cap wrapped in dark grey leather and embossed with the iconic Cavallino emblem.

The Essence EDP collection is available in 100ml nationwide for £69

The Essence EDP collection is available in 50ml exclusively at House of Fraser for £49




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Ferrari Fragrance iPhone Case

The new fragrance iPhone Case is an innovative concept which has been developed by Perfume Holding to experience your fragrance in a new way. Now you can refresh your scent every time you pick up your phone; this patent-protected innovation is the latest accessory for iPhone and the perfect solution to today’s fast paced life. The fragrance case is designed for iPhone 6 / 6s and comes with 25 ml of Ferrari Black or Ferrari Red EDT inside, plus an extra 25ml refill included.


Perfume Holding teams up with Ferrari for two of its iconic fragrances: Ferrari Black and Ferrari Red. These modern, elegant and intensely masculine scents are the perfect companions for innovation and performance—hallmarks of the brand for nearly a century. Ferrari Black is an aromatic fougere that features a fruity, citrus top note, a spicy floral heart and a warm, woody base. Ferrari Red is a woody citrus scent with a top note of bergamot and spearmint, a refreshing floral heart and a sandalwood and cedar.

 Available exclusively at Boots RRP £30.00     




Ferrari Man in Red - For a man who lives intensely

Man in Red is a bold and intense scent that celebrates all that is thrilling about Ferrari. It captures the very essence of masculinity and embodies a new type of man, one who lives intensely: A new scent for a new breed of man. This fruity ambery fougère is an intense and compelling scent: strong, bold, charismatic from the outset, revealing a heart of sweet and tender notes and a distinctive signature that stays etched on your memory. The senses are awakened by fresh and captivating bergamot, whose sharpness is mellowed by the mouth-watering accents of red apple and tempered by the cool spice notes of cardamom. Refreshed by the lively opening notes, the composition gently leads us to a fruity-floral heart, where the sensuous and dulcet notes of golden plum, refined orange blossom and unique lavandin are waiting to reveal their true character. At the base, smouldering cedar, addictive tonka bean and warm labdanum give a leathery and intensely masculine backdrop to this unique fragrance full of contrasts. 

Available exclusively from House of Fraser. RRP £39/50ml £52/100ml







Ferrari Scuderia - Capturing the Soul of Racing, the New Fragrance for the Sporty Man

Since the first fragrance launch in 1999, Ferrari has enabled sport and car enthusiasts to obtain a piece of the Ferrari DNA with a collection of successful fragrances.

Scuderia Ferrari creates a new strong, clear positioning of the sports lines, communicating the inner sport essence of the Ferrari man and highlighting the Ferrari excellence and competence in the racing world. Scuderia Ferrari allows you to experience the vibrant lifestyle of a Ferrari Driver. It's a signature of a winning attitude; “live the unique and passionate moments of a brave and determined spirit, sharing the pleasure for thrill as well as for technology, innovation and design”.

The new Scuderia Ferrari fragrance flawlessly reflects the luxurious and vibrant brand and is fronted by the current Number 1 Scuderia Ferrari driver, and Spanish 2 time world champion Fernando Alonso. The globally revered driver is known for his daring and charismatic performances and is the ultimate choice to launch the scent. Created by renowned perfumer Karine Dubreuil, the blend is classic yet fresh with aromatic and woody notes that guarantee a high performance aroma for the sporty man.

Ferrari Scuderia is available exclusively at Debenhams.