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A luxurious line of bath and body products, I Coloniali is an expression of the everlasting search for profound values, interpreted in a modern way. The I Coloniali line offers a series of the finest beauty treatment products, enriched with original ingredients from the Far East.

SAS & Company signed the contract to I Coloniali in May 2012, with the brand launching successfully into the UK. Further success is expected and SAS & Company are thrilled to be working with such a high calibre brand.

I Coloniali offers a wide range of rituals for the bath, body and ‘him’ and is designed to instantly relax and de-stress. Taking inspiration from the Far East, the brand’s philosophy is to restore harmony between Body and Spirit, by basing many of their ingredients on those natural and original remedies used in ancient times.

I Coloniali believe that in a world where we have less and less time for ourselves, pleasure means being able to recapture those relaxing and restful moments, discovering your very own oasis of well-being.  It is with I Coloniali products that each and every moment devoted to taking care of your Body becomes a true ritual, in search for a holistic balance and their range of products are a testament to their beliefs;

Rituals for the Bath

“Bathtime is one of the most important moments for our well-being. It is a time when we can devote ourselves entirely to taking care of our bodies - a magical time, in which we can cast a “spell” to make daily stress melt away, regenerate energy, open the mind to free and pleasant thoughts and re-establish harmony.”

The ritual includes shower and bath creams, soaps and effervescent tablets.

Rituals for the Body

“It is from within your skin – the purity and luminosity it radiates - that you can see most clearly the way in which well-being has been achieved. Moisturised, smooth and purified, your skin becomes elastic, fresh, soft and luminous once again.”

The ritual includes perfumed creams, lotions and body sprays for the pleasure of body and hands.

Rituals for Men

“For a man who looks beyond mere appearance, I Coloniali Rituals for Men transform grooming into an expression of being at one with his spirit, in harmony with nature and the gentle pace of its rhythms.”

The ritual includes Fragrances, shaving and post-shaving creams designed especially for men.

Seductive Elixir

I Coloniali introduces a new collection of eight delightful Body Fragrances, inspired by the precious ingredients from far-away lands.

Eight intense, long-lasting yet gentle body mists, perfect for vaporizing all over and using year round. Each fragrance has been designed exclusively for I Coloniali with incredible care and craftsmanship by the ‘noses’ of fragrance house Expressions Parfumées, Grasse.

These eight body fragrances, are able to interpret different moods and personalities, for irresistibly seductive skin.

I Coloniali is currently available via The Garden Pharmacy website.