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SAS & Company is pleased to introduce the two beautiful ranges from Initio Parfums Privés. Initio offers unique scent molecules that trigger attractions and impulses in their wakes, by infusing its creations with a mysterious power.

Years of research by top scientists working side by side with master perfumers (Alberto Morillas) have led to the creation of perfumes with a strong emotional power, to amplify your magnetism and power of attraction.


The Absolutes are a collection of five fragrances, each elaborated from the finest blend of the rarest ingredients renowned for their mystical powers and mysterious virtues.

Their magnetic blends harness the power of the pheromones, and are composed of molecules whose invisible powers influence behaviour.


Addictive Vibration is a fragrance that stirs up trouble. It is a Pandora's Box of the most beautiful passions and the most magnificent excesses. It swirls together apple tree petals and orange blossoms, before suddenly sinking into the carnal, narcotic sensuality of a jasmine-tuberose orchid "white flower" accord.

The trip ends on the provocative waves of Madagascar vanilla pod, infused with syrupy honey. This is added to with voluptuous tonka bean and languid musk, for a warm skin sensation.

From surprise to fascination and from fascination to enchantment, Addictive Vibration is a brilliant and intriguing composition with the rare ability to lead you by the tip of your nose and hit you straight in the heart.


This is a solar fragrance endowed with a sacred strength to provoke the hand of fate. It is a captivating blend of musk, sandalwood and amber. When wearing Blessed Baraka, an non-tangible energy surrounds the wearer, and its effect oscillates between pure power and pure addiction.


Mystic Experience is a heady and distinguished combination of musk and coffee. This fragrance captivates the senses, unsettling all around the wearer. This is a fragrance for the initiated on a quest for transcendent experiences.


Leather and vetiver blend beauty, strength and the supernatural within an accord that loves to provoke. Divine Attraction is a fragrance that feeds fantasies.


The softness of vanilla, intimately intertwined with the animal potency of must makes Absolute Aphrodisiac a powerful fragrance, that obsessively reminds you of your other half. It is truly an aphrodisiac essence.




Mankind is available in the menswear and fragrance departments of selected House of Fraser stores.
30ML EDT, RRP: £29.00, 50ML EDT, RRP: £39.00, 100ML EDT £49.00
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In this range, fragrance becomes what it should have remained as all along. Initio goes back to the basics of fragrance, to its magical and sacred dimension, in order to reinvent perfumery with signature perfumes with irresistible charisma. This is a perfumery that gets under your skin, overflowing with emotion.


This fragrance is magnetic, bestial, and deeply erotic. It reveals all the power of natural ambergris in a molecule with pheromone effects.


Magnetic Blend 7 is the sheer mystery of a molecule infused with the pheromone power of animal musk.

It fuses with skin, and in doing so reveals its inner nature. Like fire under ice, its sweet violence builds to a devastating crescendo.


Magnetic Blend 8 is a noble, commanding fragrance. Its natural accents amplify the molecule's phenomenal strength.

In a blend of carnal potency and supernatural vibrations, Musk and Frankincense confers a magnetic presence.