Following a hugely successful launch in the USA, Kim Kardashian; entrepreneur, model, actress and trailblazer, has continued the success of her fragrance line in the UK.

SAS & Company signed the distribution contract for the Kim Kardashian fragrance collection in February 2011 which then followed with an incredibly successful summer launch.


Kim Kardashian’s life has certainly flourished in recently years, she has established herself as a fashion icon, become a mother to beautiful baby girl, North, and most famously, became one half of the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple by marrying rap superstar, Kanye West in a lavish ceremony in Italy. With Kim’s life continuing to blossom into the next chapter, it’s time to plant a new seed with a seventh scent to add to her growing portfolio of successful fragrances. Introducing the latest, beautifully floral and elegant scent…Fleur Fatale.

Fleur Fatale is the unavoidable temptation. Developed by Givaudan, this fragrance takes a different turn from her past fragrances and opens with the fresh crispness of Blackcurrant, Bergamot and Violet. The heart of the fragrance unfolds with a beautiful floral bouquet of Iris, Tea Rose and Peony, while Amber, Sandalwood, and White Musk provide a warm and intoxicating finish.

Fleur Fatale will be the seventh fragrance in Kim’s successful portfolio of fragrances. The beautifully feminine bottle showcases Kim’s love of florals, in particular roses. Both sculptural and modern, the design has a high gloss finish, which is simply accented with touches of rose gold.

Kim Kardashian - True Reflection

Embrace every side of your personality with an alluring scent that reflects the dynamic, sparkling spirit you embody. A tribute to the intriguing essence that defines you and the eye-opening experiences you have triumphed over, Kim Kardashian brings you True Reflection.

The fragrance that embraces every side of you, from your entrancing femininity to your sophisticated glamour, True Reflection mirrors every layer of your captivating, vivacious personality, and tells the story of a woman who’s seen it all and remains as strong and desirable as ever. Created to reflect Kim Kardashian’s evolution as a woman, True Reflection is meant to inspire confidence, evoking the wisdom and glamour that can only be attained by experiencing life to the fullest.

A tantalising oriental fragrance that opens with a burst of sparkling Italian bergamot, luscious plum and succulent peach, True Reflection guarantees instant attraction. A rich floral heart blends night blooming gardenia, chocolate orchid and lotus flower for a thoroughly addictive mélange, while the earthy finish of textured woods, patchouli and musk rounds off the sultry scent. Juicy and decadent, playful and seductive, True Reflection is a warm, sensual embrace that lingers on your skin in celebration of all that you stand for.

“I wanted True Reflection to have a bit of a twist compared to my previous scents,” says Kim. “Gardenia is a constant in all my fragrances, but I wanted this one to be a little more rich and layered, to reflect the experiences I’ve been through and all the different dimensions of my personality.”

Housed in an art deco vessel reminiscent of a diamond, True Reflection’s two-toned bottle encapsulates the scent’s enigmatic, complex notes that embrace the full scope of a woman’s life, marked by its intensity and its hopefulness. Opaque and multifaceted, the bottle shifts seamlessly in the light from a deep, dark tone into a more translucent color – it is as intriguingly luxurious and utterly irresistible as the fragrance it contains.

Kim Kardashian: entrepreneur, model, actress and trailblazer, launches her debut fragrance in the UK, aptly named Kim Kardashian.

The creation of Kim Kardashian’s debut fragrance began at the heart of social media, where Kim made the most of her extensive Twitter followers by asking them to recommend scents they liked in order to create a fragrance that she could truly share with her fans. Working closely with master perfumer Claude Dir of Givaudan, Kim created a modern fragrance for the modern woman – Kim Kardashian.

A beautiful blend of feminine and sensual notes, the debut fragrance captures the many sides of Kim’s personality and glamorous style. Floral top notes of mandarin, honeysuckle and orange blossom reflect Kim’s captivating nature, while at the heart pink jasmine, tuberose, sensual spices and lush gardenia evoke her femininity. The last impression of tonka bean, jacaranda wood, vanilla orchid, sexy musk and creamy sandalwood add warmth to represent Kim’s softer side;

“When I started developing my fragrance, I really took inspiration from the feminine, pretty things I surround myself with – I thought about what makes me feel confident and special, and translated that into a scent that all women can enjoy” Kim Kardashian.

Encased in a deep purple glass flacon with a pink pearl overspray, world-renowned design group Maesa worked alongside Kim to design a bottle that echoes her classic beauty and modern styling. Kim’s signature KK emblem is emblazoned on the bottle in pink aluminium and engraved in the bottle’s cap to add a modern twist to the classically inspired flacon.

Following a hugely successful launch in the USA, the debut fragrance by Kim Kardashian became available in the UK nationwide in June 2011. Available in a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum, Kim Kardashian gives women a chance to get closer to Kim with instant access to her glamorous lifestyle.

In October of 2011, Kim added a new scent to her fragrance collection with the launch of Kim Kardashian GOLD. Drawing upon the icon’s original scent, Kim Kardashian GOLD encapsulates Kim’s fascinating life of glamour and success. As the starlet continues to captivate the world with her hypnotic beauty and glowing magnetism, everything Kim touches turns to gold.

“Gold is a luxury that stands the test of time, a universal symbol of sophistication and glamour,” says Kim. “Like a stunning piece of precious jewellery, Gold lends everyday style a surge of seductive sparkle and timeless beauty.”



Sweeten Your Sultry Side With Pure Honey By Kim Kardashian. Be as intoxicating and irresistable as Aphrodite with this enticing scent from the model and trailblazer. An alluring blend of raw wild honey and voluptuous florals, Pure Honey harnesses the legendary aphrodisiac power of honey to bring you Kim Kardashian’s most sensual fragrance yet. Aphrodite, goddess of love, used honey as her own personal nectar and Kim has used this as inspiration to create a fragrance as golden and radiant as she is, for a little taste of heaven.

Vivacious red rose, soft freesia and bright mandarin flowers offer a shimmering top note bouquet whilst sugared honeysuckle and lady orchid surrounds sophisticated green floral notes. Raw wild honeycomb is the star ingredient of Pure Honey, with a beeswax essence that combines a pure honeynote with nectarrich floral. The finish is a creamy, rich coconut background infused with addictive vanilla and musk notes.

“I wanted Pure Honey to be both light and sweet but also powerfully seductive,” says Kim. “As women we all have these dual natures. We can be girly and playful but also tempting and captivating at the same time. Combining the two elements was the perfect way to capture our full femininity. I created it to be delectable and craveable, like all beautiful women are.”

Housed in an art deco vessel reminiscent of a diamond, Pure Honey’s amber bottle encapsulates the scent’s delightful warmth. Opaque and multifaceted, the bottle shifts seamlessly in the light from translucent to a deep, dark tone, mirroring the transformation of pure flower nectar into golden honey.

Kim Kardashian descends on London to launch debut fragrance

London’s Oxford Street came to a virtual standstill when Kim Kardashian made a personal appearance at Debenhams department store to launch her debut fragrance, aptly named Kim Kardashian.

SAS & Company, the distributors of the brand, partnered with Debenhams for the exclusive launch and arranged for Kim to come to the UK to mark the launch of her first fragrance by personally meeting her fans at Debenhams’ Oxford Street store.

Fans began queuing in the early hours of the morning, some even camping overnight outside the store, in the hope they would be one of the lucky 200 fans to gain a VIP pass to meet their idol. After signing autographs and having photos with the VIP pass holders, Kim then made her way to The Dorchester, where she hosted a champagne press reception in the beautiful Crystal Suite. Speaking to key press and retailers, Kim spoke of her excitement about the long awaited for UK launch of her signature scent and expressed how amazed she was at how many fans had turned up to see her earlier that day at Debenhams.

SAS & Company’s Co Founder and CEO, Shelley Smyth said: “We were all expecting an amazing turn out at the Kim Kardashian PA and Press event; however all of us including Kim were truly overwhelmed by the response. We had people camping outside of Debenhams from midnight and by 7.00 am the queue was unbelievable. It is estimated that upwards of 1,400 people attended the PA - it was non-stop. The team spirit amongst the SAS & Company and Debenhams teams proved to be conducive to a great partnership and an amazing event. With over 100 people having attended the press event, thus far the coverage has been truly phenomenal, the results have exceeded all of our expectations and long may it continue.”

The range

Kim Kardashian £23.00 (30ml Eau de Parfum), £30.00 (50ml Eau de Parfum) and £40.00 (100ml Eau de Parfum)

Kim Kardashian GOLD £23.00 (30ml Eau de Parfum) and £40.00 (100ml Eau de Parfum)

Kim Kardashian True Reflection £30.00 (50ml Eau de Parfum) and £40.00 (100ml Eau de Parfum)

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Pure Honey £30.00 (50ml Eau de Parfum), 40.00 (100ml Eau de Parfum)

Kim Kardashian Fleur Fatale £24.00 (30ml Eau de Parfum), £30.00 (50ml Eau de Parfum) and 40.00 (100ml Eau de Parfum)

Kim Kardashian Signature Body Mist (£9.00) 236ml 

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