SAS & Company are delighted to announce the launch of WISHMAKER, the second fragrance from Little Mix.

After the success of their debut fragrance GOLD MAGIC, Little Mix are excited to be adding to their collection.


SAS Licenses are thrilled to announce the launch of Little Mix's second fragrance WISHMAKER. Little Mix believe that dreams can come true! It's their special chemistry, each girl is a lucky charm to the rest of the band and they share an instinctively positive outlook on life and a passion for fun! Their new fragrance WISHMAKER totally rocks this vibe!

The Fragrance

WISHMAKER Eau De Parfum is a cool new fragrance in a light-reflecting carton with gorgeous metallic tones, and this oozes style, but with an edgy twist.

WISHMAKER is a delicious vanilla and fruit fragrance. The top notes of ripe Apricot and a delicate soft heart marries with the flowers of Neroli and Freesia. An irresistible toffee and candy note emerges on the dry down, intertwined with the creaminess of Sandalwood, and the sweetness of Vanilla.

WISHMAKER Eau De Parfum;

100ml RRP £36.95; 50ml RRP £26.95; 30ml RRP £19.95

Available Nationwide




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GOLD MAGIC Eau De Parfum

SAS & Company were thrilled to have been a part of the launch of Little Mix's debut fragrance GOLD MAGIC. Confident, enchanting, energetic and united, words that are inherently linked to the inspirational girl band, Little Mix, and their intriguing new debut fragrance GOLD MAGIC.

The Fragrance

GOLD MAGIC Eau De Parfum is spellbinding but naturally beautiful. It is surprisingly understated yet complex and a true reflection of the band and the irresistible chemistry between them. The fragrance itself delivers against the bands strong desire to create a scent that never stops surprising the senses. Opening with a burst of playful hints of fruit, the captivating powdery velvet hearts, pretty violet tones and more aqueous watermelon are both refreshing and sophisticated. The base is musky and warm but also sweet and hypnotic.

The bottle is irresistible and glamorous to touch, both modern and classic in shape. Around the neck of the bottle is a stylish initialled charm, a playful sign off from the band themselves. Expect the unexpected as even the gold of the box is not the obvious choice of gold and emanates warmth with subtle tones of bronze. Intricate in detail with texture and depth achieved through complicated layers of clever design. Each of the girls appear on the four facets of the box with an ethereal backdrop to leave you totally bewitched!

Little Mix has commented “We all have been very involved in the development process and we are so thrilled with the result, Little Mix GOLD MAGIC. It captures our individual personalities and passions perfectly but also feels totally unified. The experience has been so much fun and we really can’t wait to share the magic with everyone!” 

GOLD MAGIC Eau De Parfum;

100ml RRP £36.95

50ml RRP £26.95

30ml RRP £19.95  

Available Nationwide

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