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Parfum de Marly's heritage dates back to the 18th century and its main influences come from reviving the spirit of lavish festivities held in Chateau de Marly.

The brand has a repertoire of fifteen fragrances which includes a collection of scented candles. 

History of Parfums de Marly

In the Eighteenth Century, King Louis XV, known as ‘Louis the Beloved’, ruled as King of France. Born in the Palace of Versailles, King Louis XV was raised around fine fragrance, as France quickly became the centre of the fragrance industry. Equestrianism was also the pride and glory of the Palace of Versailles; the King himself owned over 600 horses. During his reign, King Louis XV was offered 8 Arabian horses (Godolphin & Darly) by the King of Tunisia, which he mixed with his European breeds to create superior racehorses; which he used to compete in exclusive Royal events. During King Louis’ reign, streams of aromatic scents sprang from the royal fountains and every day the King requested a different scent to fill in his Royal apartment.

As the First King to appoint a Royal Perfumer, he became renowned for his scent extravagances and was later named “La cour parfumee” (the perfumed court). In 1743, in memory of his great-grandfather Louis XIV, Louis XV commissioned Guillaume Coustou to sculpt his famous masterpiece for the grounds of the chateau de Marly (Marly Castle). This magnificent work of art, known as “the Marly horses” earnt a place on the Champs Elysees Avenue in the heart of Paris in 1974, where it can still be admired today. Parfums de Marly delivers outstanding fragrances that bear the names of the dignified breeds of horses that have been inspired by and pay tribute to, the perfumed court of King Louis XV. Through this original concept, Parfums de Marly rekindles the spirit of fragrances from the splendour of the Eighteenth Century.

Born in Saint Germain-en-Laye in 1973, Julien became interested in fine fragrance while very young, as his father was a representative of the house of Guerlain for the Middle East. After nourishing his olfactory culture by working in the family company, distributing fragrances in Asia and the Middle East, he decided to follow his own path by creating Parfums de Marly.

“Perfume is a time capsule. It has this gift of taking us on a journey. I’ve always liked this 18th century where horses and perfume were the pride and glory of France” says Julien Sprecher.

Parfums de Marly offers a stable of scents which includes a repertoire of exceptional fragrances, of rare olfactory moments. The repertoire consists of fifteen different fragrances of which includes five scented candles. 




The Collection:



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Dedicated to treating connoisseurs to new fragrances, Parfums de Marly returns with a brand new fragrance collection. Akaster has been named after the old, award-winning horse Ancaster, that was born in 1768 and reflects the distinguished spirit of its namesake.

Akaster blends strong scents that have come to be synonymous with the Parfums de Marly name. Hailing from the woody  floral olfactive family, the perfume unites top notes of Sicilian lemon, aromatic leaves and cypress with heart notes of Bulgarian rose, Taif rose and African geranium. The fragrance is rounded off with base notes of cardamom, musk, leather, agarwood (oud), pepper, patchouli, sandalwood, saffron, incense and praline. This unisex fragrance arrives in a beautiful black bottle that lends it a further touch of sophistication.

Woody floral created by Hamid Merazi-Kashani - RRP £215.00





Part of the brand new collection created especially for Harrods, the imperial Carlisle fragrance has been christened after the majestic English horse of the same name from the year 1695. Hailing from the fruity spicy family of fragrances, the fragrance boasts top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin, Apple and French Lavender. It then moves on to middle notes of Violet, Jasmine and Geranium Egypt. The base notes include Paraguay Gaiac Wood, Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood, Guatemalan Cardamom, Vanilla and Madagascar Pepper. All the notes combined make for a sensual, divine fragrance that can be worn by both male and female connoisseurs.

Fruity spicy created by Hamid Merazi-Kashani - RRP £215.00


Available from Harrods and Harrods.com