Rihanna has sold over 37 million albums and 146 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time. She is the recipient of 6 Grammy Awards®, 7 Billboard Music Awards and has over 2.9 billion views on YouTube/VEVO -the most ever for any female artist.

SAS & Company signed the distribution contract for the Rihanna fragrance collection in January 2013 for the UK and Eire. SAS & Company manage the distrubution of fragrances Reb'l Fleur, Rebelle, Nude, ROGUE ROGUE MAN by Rihanna, ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna, RiRi by Rihanna, Crush by Rihanna and the most recent, Kiss by Rihanna.

Kiss by Rihanna

Rihanna announces the launch of Kiss by Rihanna, the third fragrance in the performer’s namesake RiRi collection.

Mesmerizing, whimsical, and unexpected, the dynamic addition to the RiRi fragrance trilogy is flirtatious, feminine and lighthearted. The white floral fragrance is comprised of lush, tantalizing top notes of Neroli, with a playful kiss of Juicy Plum and Freesia.

The heart of the fragrance, consisting of Orange Blossom, Gardenia, and Asian Peony, is rounded out with Cashmere Wood, Cedarwood and Ambergris to form a warm and seductive base.   

Designed by Rihanna herself, the Kiss by Rihanna bottle reflects the signature feminine lines and styling of the two preceding fragrances in the RiRi collection; RiRi by Rihanna, and Crush by Rihanna.

Exuding sophistication and allure, the striking powder blue tinted flacon is accentuated by a contrasting golden cap featuring the collection’s signature sphere. Reflecting the refined simplicity of the bottle design, the outer packaging features a pearlized blue finish emitting an iridescent luster and understated elegance.

THE COLLECTION: 30ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £23 / €29 100ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £40 / €50

Available exclusively at Superdrug from the 18th January 2017 and nationwide from 1st February 2017






Crush by Rihanna

Rihanna announces the debut of Crush by Rihanna, the second fragrance in her namesake RiRi collection. Crush is a mysteriously sexy and provocative scent. Breaking boundaries and setting new rules, this perfume feels empowering, strong, confident, and unapologetic.

RiRi CRUSHES it with her newest fragrance – sensual woody notes pair with playful red fruits and pink musks to create an intoxicating fragrance with an undeniably fun, feminine twist.

For the opening chorus, the addictive floriental opens with a vibrant splash of bergamot, juicy mandarin and vivacious pink peppercorn.

For the bridge, pink rose is accented with spicy ylang drizzled in the tangy sweetness of red berries for a mouth-watering signature

Final Chorus, creamy musk, cedarwood and sexy patchouli combine to leave a lush, lasting impression.

The bottle, designed by Rihanna, inspired by the original RiRi bottle, combines a sense of luxury and femininity. Its rich golden tones create an irresistible allure that is accented by a playful touch of pink on the outer box. The eye catching, luxurious jewellery-inspired pattern on the cap is alluring to the touch, and is carried through to the outer box to create a chic, high-fashion contrast to the bottle’s feminine lines.

THE COLLECTION: Crush by Rihanna Eau de Parfum - RRP 30ml £23 / €29, 100ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £40 / €50.

Available in the UK from September 2016.





RiRi by Rihanna

With the debut of her namesake fragrance, Rihanna offers fans a feminine and flirty scent. The fragrance embodies her vivacious spirit in an entirely new light. Inspired by Rihanna’s passion to always reveal her true self, RiRi by Rihanna captures a fresh, vibrant essence with a playful twist.

"Each fragrance we create brings something new and different. This is a flirty, more feminine scent. I love that we can use interesting combinations that reflect a new overall feel," says Rihanna.

RiRi by Rihanna is a flirty floral that is a melody of feminine, mischievous, and playfully sensual notes:

For the opening chorus, RiRi by Rihanna plays notes of passion fruit extract and rum absolute, paired with the brightness of sparkling cassis and Italian mandarin.

For the bridge, Japanese honeysuckle, orange blossom, exotic jasmine and pink freesia join in the ultra- feminine floral heart preparing the wearer for the return to the chorus.

Final Chorus, Madagascar vanilla, warm skin musk, and Indonesian sandalwood sing for a sweet yet sensual dry down.

The bottle, designed by Rihanna, combines iconic glamour with a sleek finish. It is luxurious in its weight with a sweet pink colouration combined with harder black neck and topped with gold sphere. The outer box, etched with a metallic finish, evokes nail scratched metal adding a hint of edginess to contrast the bottle’s feminine lines.

THE COLLECTION: RiRi by Rihanna Eau de Parfum – RRP 30ml £23.00/€29.00, 50ml £30.00/€39.00, 100ml £40.00/€50.00.

Available from retailers nationwide.





ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna

The launch of ROGUE LOVE follows the debut launch of ROGUE MAN, Rihanna’s debut fragrance for men. The delicious floral fragrance compliments ROGUE MAN perfectly and is a scent dedicated to her female fans.

ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna captures that moment when love first hits you with a wild rush that travels through your whole body. Delicious fruits tempt your senses with notes of fresh citrus and succulent peach mingling with the temptation of juicy berries. Just as facets of love take multiple twists and turns, the core of ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna is built with layers upon layers of lush, rich florals. A bit uncontrollable like the fluttering of the love-struck heartbeat, the petals are a radiant texture with vibrant colours of honeysuckle, jasmine and orchid, splashes with the simply irresistible seduction of coconut.

In the background lies the pure beauty of the sophisticated sweetness of vanilla and golden amber. A mysterious femininity emerges as powerful, lingering notes of rich creamy woods are drizzled with an addictive hint of caramel.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Berry & Peach

Middle Notes: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Honeysuckle, Coconut and Orchid

Base Notes: Creamy woods, Amber, Caramel and Vanilla

ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna is housed in a sleek white-on-white stingray patterned carton, trimmed with sensuous rose gold accents and features the ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna ad visual on back. The bottle design is a heavy glass with inverted spikes kissed in rose gold. A matte white cap compliments the carton.

THE COLLECTION: 30ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £23/ €28, 75ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £30 / €36, 125ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £40 / €48.

Available in leading retailers nationwide.





Rogue Man by Rihanna

Introducing ROGUE MAN, the first-ever fragrance for men by Rihanna.

From first contact, ROGUE Man intoxicates men with a choreographed clash of fragrance notes that are both masculine and ultra-sexy.

ROGUE MAN by Rihanna has top notes comprised on fresh citrus, herbs and spicy black pepper which offer a clean opening impression, the velvet floral blends, strong undertones of cedarwood and the primal sensation of labdanum ignite the senses and linger warmly on skin.

Shot by legendary fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, the ROGUE MAN by Rihanna ad campaign explores the rebellious and complex juxtaposition of attraction, sexuality and power. Rihanna was immediately attracted to feature model Daniel Ness for his raw sensuality and knew and first sight that he is the embodiment of the ROGUE MAN.

“Building upon the marked success of her women’s fragrance line, we are thrilled to join Rihanna on her venture into the men’s fragrance category” said Donald Loftus, President of Parlux, Ltd. “ROGUE MAN by Rihanna offers a new constituency of male consumers entrance into the bold world of Rihanna’s growing lifestyle brand.

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Rosemary, Clementine, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Cedarwood, Labdanum, Vanilla Orchid

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Tonka Bean

Evoking Rihanna’s signature bold attitude and sophisticated sex appeal, ROGUE MAN by Rihanna’s striking bottle design incorporates a geometric glass bottle complemented by an oversized and bold square black leather cap.

THE COLLECTION; ROGUE MAN by Rihanna: 30ml Eau de Toilette – RRP £25.00, 100ml Eau de Toilette - £45.00. 

Available in leading retailers nationwide.




Rogue by Rihanna

Rihanna takes you on a daring journey with her new fragrance, ROGUE by Rihanna. Always driving the trends, pushing the envelope and exploring new territories, Grammy-Award winning Rihanna launches her newest fragrance, ROGUE by Rihanna. Rihanna created this adventurous scent for the woman who, like herself, radiates edginess and confidence but is also flirty and feminine. Rihanna exudes strength, femininity and mischief conveyed to her fans through music, unpredictable fashion choices, memorable unapologetic performances, and now through her new fragrance, ROGUE.

Rihanna’s bold approach to life pushes the boundaries of convention, proving that ROGUE is a state of mind. A perfect blend of powerful and playful, the fragrance encourages all women to live life on their own terms.

Show your strength and beauty, go ROGUE.

“People are always changing and evolving, and with Rogue, my new fragrance, I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today. It’s a personal fragrance that’s more self-aware. It’s Rogue, it’s me” says the songstress. “This scent embodies demure feminine qualities yet carries into an audacious new moment. I made it for all women, for every mood, because we all want to project our true selves.”

Perfumer Marypierre Julien said, “I was inspired to create a fragrance that is as spontaneous and direct as Rihanna is and emulates her bold approach to her life. She is not afraid to reveal her mischievous side, showing off her true powerful femininity.”

Rogue by Rihanna was photographed by Mario Sorrenti, styled by Mel Ottenberg, hairstyling by Yusef Williams and makeup by Lucia Pieroni

With a chic yet edgy aesthetic, Rihanna designed this bottle reflective of her personality. From top to bottom, it showcases sensual strength with six spikes inverted at the base and rising into a soft rose gold collar and draped in a stingray-inspired motif at the cap.

THE COLLECTION; 30 ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £23.00, 75 ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £33.00, 125 ml Eau de Parfum – RRP £43.00



Nude by Rihanna

Rihanna will launched her third fragrance, Nude by Rihanna, nationwide across the UK and Ireland in March of 2013. From the very first encounter, Nude by Rihanna’s seductive floral oriental blend envelops the body, evoking thoughts of bare, glistening skin.

Nude by Rihanna is sensual and provocative. It is anuninhibited scent that captures a stripped down essence. The fragrance allows her fans, to experience something very personal, a true embodiment of the singer.  Nude by Rihanna joins Reb’l Fleur and Rebelle, two dark and rebellious scents created by Rihanna in years past, in her uninhibited fragrance lineup.

The scent’s prominent top notes give fans a glimpse into her native Barbados with layers of Guava Nectar, Mandarin and Pear. The center of the fragrance opens into a sultry softness with a blend of Orange Blossom, Gardenia Petals and Velvet Jasmine Sambac.

The seductive, milky gourmand base weaves together Sandalwood and Second-skin Musk, with the fresh and feminine hints of Vanilla Orchid, rounding out a fragrance that is at once daring, yet accessible.

“My third fragrance, Nude, is subtle but it is also substantial – it is a fragrance you will want to wear with nothing else,” says the songstress. “I cannot get enough of this,” Rihanna exclaimed upon her first encounter with the fruity oriental blend, noting that the scent immediately evokes the idea of bare skin and simple, basic pleasures.

Just as Rihanna’s appearance suits her daring nature, Nude by Rihanna’s packaging – inspired by stiletto heels - gives a distinct feminine edge with a twisting matte ribbon layered over precious metal.

The color of the fragrance itself is transparent, playing off of the Nude theme. The fresh, scintillating scent is complemented by a bottle as unique and sexy as the artist herself.

THE COLLECTION; Nude by Rihanna 100ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £37.50, Nude by Rihanna 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £30.00, Nude by Rihanna 30ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £20.00





Rebelle by Rihanna

The second fragrance from Rihanna launched in February 2012. “My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady. There’s a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance - but there’s also a defiant quality in it. I love its duality”.

Sassy or sweet, Rebelle is a delightful enticement bringing to mind not only the warmth of the Carribbean sun, reflecting Barbados-born Rihanna’s roots, but also the exhilarating whirl of her present-day city life.

Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien, the internationally renowned perfumers behind Reb’l Fleur, have teamed up once again to capture Rihanna’s essence, this time with a lush, sensual Gourmand Chypre.

Luscious strawberries and ripe purple plums are enlivened with a jolt of ginger to create a tantalizing harmony at the top. Then the heart opens, passionate with the heat of exotic allure, intriguing body and soul with notes of tropical splendor: cacao absolute, vanilla orchid and heliotrope.

Defiantly sexy, the base notes beguile. Dark and mysterious, they echo like the reggae hook in a Rihanna tune.

Rich patchouli finds rhythm with the essence of rare coffee beans, creamy musk merges with the aphrodisiac effect of amber...unforgettable becomes an understatement.

The bottle, as dramatically unique as a Rihanna performance, is inspired by the shape of a stiletto heel - a favorite shoe option for Rihanna. The bottle is made extra feminine with a twisting matte crimson “ribbon” layered over precious metal making the fragrance appear to glow from within, suffused with a glorious golden aura.

THE COLLECTION; Rebelle by Rihanna 100ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £37.50, Rebelle by Rihanna 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £30.00, Rebelle by Rihanna 30ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £20.00



Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

The first fragrance from Rihanna launched in February 2011. “I believe a woman should dare to be different - willing to live her life for herself and not for other people,” Rihanna explains.

“This fragrance is about my passion for individuality - being expressive and empowering, yes, but also emotional and intriguing. I promise you Reb’l Fleur will not be easily forgotten.”

Daring, sexy and truly memorable, Reb’l Fleur is as much in tune with Barbados-born Rihanna’s roots as it is with the glamour of her present life in New York City. Created by internationally renowned perfumers, Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien, this fruity chypre is joyous yet intense, sophisticated yet marvelously surprising.

Plump, delicious fruits, red berries, purple plums and juicy, ripe peaches, make a delicious first impression. Then the heart opens into a lush hybrid hinting at Island life, subtle yet intoxicating, blossoming with sumptuous florals, a passionate melody of Hawaiian Hibiscus flower, violet, tuberose and coconut water. Defiantly sexy, the base notes linger, a beguiling, sensual mélange. Vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk become a sultry chorus striking an unforgettable, emotional chord.

The bottle, as dramatically unique as a Rihanna performance, is inspired by the shape of a stiletto heel - a favorite shoe option for Rihanna. Made feminine with a twisting matte black “ribbon” layered over precious metal, the fragrance appears to glow from within, suffused with a glorious golden aura.

THE COLLECTION; Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna 100ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £37.50, Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £30.00, Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna 30ml Eau de Parfum Spray - RRP £20.



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